Market Rules

We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great time while visiting the flea market, that being said everyone has to follow certain rules in order for everyone to have a safe and fun time. 

  1. No alcohol or drugs of any kind prohibited on the grounds. 

  2. No private firearm sales. 

  3. No sales of individual bottles of water or soda without a food permit. Warm cases of water or soda are permitted to be sold without a food license. 

  4. All vendors must pay before entering the market. 

  5. No items are to be placed outside of your purchased spots. 

  6. No advertising of private business permitted on the market property. 

  7. No solicitation without permission from the general manager. 

  8. No parking on the race tracks. 

  9. No private sales permitted in the parking area. 

  10. No pets of any kind permitted on the grounds, unless clearly marketed as service animals with paperwork. 

  11. All vehicles while in the market or parking area must drive no faster than 5 MPH. 

  12. Vendors must remove all of their personal garbage at the end of the day. NO cardboard in the garbage cans. NO illegal dumping of waste. 

  13. Food vendors must bring their own garbage can for public use. Food waste may be disposed of in the market provided dumpsters. 

  14. Only one car per merchant space. 

  15. The small spots are for cars and small vans only. Absolutely no trucks or full-size vans are permitted in these spots. 

  16. The grassy area is for nonreserved spots. 

  17. Vendors are responsible for maintaining their spaces. All canopies must be firmly anchored into the ground. At any time management reserves the right to revoke the privilege of having temporary structures on the market property. This will most likely be affected by the weather. 

  18. All customers must park only where directed. NO parking in the hospital parking area or against the concrete wall. 

  19. The sale of counterfeit items is strictly prohibited. 

  20. No sale of fireworks or black powder permitted without proper licenses. 

  21. No skateboarding, bicycling, scooter or any wheeled vehicles are allowed on grounds. Electric scooters and or wheelchairs are permitted. (Nonliability claim) we are not liable.

  22. The management and staff of The Allentown Flea market are not responsible for any liability regarding claims of injury, damage to persons or property that arises from or is related to the acceptance and rental of vending space within this market. The above includes injury to or caused by others who enter these premises, damage due to theft, breakage or collision. All vendors are responsible for the articles they bring onto these premises and by renting vending space herein, realize and accept responsibility for those costs and attorney fees which may arise from the above-stated rules and circumstances.

  23. Vendors must leave vehicles parked in their own spaces. DO NOT park in the parking lot.

  24. Only market management is allowed to alter spots. 

Anyone who does not abide by these rules will be subject to removal from the grounds and or will be prosecuted. 

The Allentown Flea Market